Do you think you have nothing to hide?

If you are still searching for further reasons why data protection and privacy does affect you as well, take a look at our information summary.

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March `19

Server Update yay -Syu –noconfirm   PwOSS – Image changes: (You can also install unbound and add a swap file if you are already running the image.) We have added …

How Google Tracks Your Personal Information

  Part 1: How Google Tracks Your Personal Information When lazy journalists are pessimistic about Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, they say stuff like: “Even Orwell couldn’t have predicted that …

February `19

Server Update yay -Syu –noconfirm After the update you’ll need to click some buttons for FressRSS: Go to your FreshRSS – Website ( Click on the “check-button” on the left …