Instead of Mac or Windows, which are not open source, it is recommended to switch to a Linux system like Manjaro, Arch, Ubuntu and so on. We provide a guide for "Manjaro Linux" and "Arch Linux".



Manjaro Linx:

Manjaro is a brilliant user friendly distribution (operating systems).

For now, this is just a “HowTo” in our guideline to install Manjaro. Maybe one day we can create a distribution that connects directly to your server.

It is important that you review all new Manjaro Linux updates before upgrading your system. Sometimes you have to manually change the software before you can upgrade your entire system.

You can read the announcement of Manjaro Linux here (, but we will also post every update in the news.



Arch Linux:

Where Arch Linux can not really be recommended, because the installation can take a lot of time. Proper installation of your hardware (drivers) can be difficult and can cause problems. But it's perfect to learn more about Linux/Computer. And if you run into any problems we can help you.

But the easiest way is definitely the installation of Manjaro Linux.

The guide to Arch Linux can be found here.