Facebook paid third parties to transcribe users’ voice messages

Why third parties at all? Isn't it enough if they do it themselves?
Anyhow, use Mastodon or/and simply delete your Facebook account.


The latest news that shocks us – then makes us stop and wonder why we were shocked in the first place – comes in the form of allegations that Facebook has been spying on users’ voice messages. The allegations say that the social media giant paid third-party contractors to transcribe audio clips taken from Facebook Messenger. The contractors did not know that the messages were taken from Facebook users. Those who came forward with the information wished to stay anonymous, due to fears that they may lose their job as a result of the allegations.

The Irish Data Protection Commission said it would be investigating the issue for potential breaches of the EU’s privacy rules – which are far stricter than those in the US. The move comes not long after the DPC said it would be investigating Google over potential GDPR breaches.

Facebook, for its part,


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