Facebook’s contract workers are looking at your private posts to train AI

A new report from Reuters reveals that contract workers are looking at private posts on Facebook and Instagram in order to label them for AI systems.

Like many tech companies, Facebook uses machine learning and AI to sort content on its platforms. But in order to do this, the software needs to be trained to identify different types of content. To train these algorithms they have to analyze sample data, all of which needs to be categorized and labeled by humans — a process known as “data annotation.”
Reuters’ report focuses on Indian outsourcing firm WiPro, which has employed up to 260 workers to annotate posts according to five categories. These include the content of the post (is it a selfie, for example, or a picture of food); the occasion (is it for a birthday or a wedding); and the author’s intent (are they making a joke, trying to inspire others, or organizing a party).

Employees at WiPro have to sort a range of content from Facebook and Instagram, including status updates, videos, photos, shared links, and Stories. Each piece of content is checked by two workers for accuracy and workers annotate roughly 700 items each day.

Facebook confirmed to Reuters that the content being examined by …

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