Google is reportedly arguing that cutting Huawei off from Android threatens US security


It sounds like Huawei can't secure a system. Only possible with Google. I hope Huawei creates another operating system (forked) just to see another alternative. Which may be good, which may be bad.


“... more at risk of being hacked, not least by China.”

Google, like all US companies, has been banned from having business dealings with Huawei. In the long term, that would mean that Google would not be able to provide any of its services on Huawei phones. In the short term, the company has secured a temporary license to continue to supply software updates to existing phones.

Because Huawei phones are already banned in the US, understanding how Google is making that case that a forked version of Android being sold elsewhere in the world is a serious threat to US national security might seem like a bit of a jump. Although the Financial Times’ sources don’t explicitly lay out Google’s argument, it’s not difficult to imagine how it would go.

Step one: Huawei forks Android, creating a version that no longer includes Google’s services. One of the most important features of those services is Google Play Protect, software that automatically scans for malware, viruses, and security threats. Another is that people who buy phones with Google Services generally stick to apps available in the Google Play Store, which are more rigorously checked for security than what you’ll find on other stores.

Step two: those Huawei phones with a forked version of Android are sold globally. They are less secure and get hacked.



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