Huawei ban: China threatens to ban foreign companies


China is preparing a blacklist of foreign companies in retaliation to the US ban of Chinese telecom giant Huawei.

The Chinese government on Friday announced it will establish its own list of "unreliable entities" consisting of foreign businesses, corporations and individuals.

Wang Shouwen, China's vice commerce minister and deputy international trade representative, said China would issue more detailed information on the unreliable entities list soon, but that it was aimed at enterprises that "violated market principles" and cut supplies of components to Chinese businesses for non-commercial reasons.

China's statement that it intends to publish such a list follows additional measures last week that deepened the bite of US sanctions imposed on Huawei in mid-May.

Several leading US-based global technology standards-setting groups announced restrictions on Huawei's participation in their activities under US Commerce Department rules that bar the sale and transfer of US technology to Huawei without government approval.


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Yeah, don't buy any Huawei devices now, especially Android phones. Let's see what the future brings.