PwOSS News – July`19


Gitea is almost done.

We have so far added the most important repositories we are working on. The main repository for now will be the server - ISO. That you can install an Arch server on your x86_64 system with all the private software and configurations (configurations not ready). The ISO is already available. You can download it or create it yourself (source code).

You can follow the roadmap if you want.

How to use Gitea and repositories will be explained here soon.



Also Matrix is already available. You can join it.

A group is already created, which covers the PwOSS - News ( You can talk about the news in this room, too.

If we create more public rooms, we will inform you.

How to use Matrix and info will be explained here soon.



Instead of Grav alias guideline we switched to a new wiki.

An explanation of how to read it and how to create new wiki pages will be listed here shortly.

It will also include how to install the wiki on your home computer (Manjaro/Arch-based systems only). It makes it easier to implement new pages or just for your own needs.


Other News

Server Update

New update available.


Seafile 7

A new update for Seafile is available. Already included in our server copy & paste solution.
Check out the Seafile blog about the new update.

For further information go to roadmap.
We're looking forward to the migration to Python 3. We hope that we will have to integrate less AUR packages into our Seafile installation than before.

Python 2.7 support: