To sync your important data such as contacts, calendars, photos, videos, documents, etc., a server is required.

You get a good overview of all your devices (Smart TVs, IPhones, Microsoft, Android …) connected to your server on your homenetwork as well as outside (using an encrypted VPN connection). You’ll be surprised what your devices are constantly doing in the background.

You can block ADS for all your devices and much more.

An overview of the server-software can be found here (


Raspberry Pi (2,3 & 3B+):

We provide a Raspberry Pi – image  in combination with a documentation file to install your own server at home. Detailed information about the installation for the Raspberry Pi can be found here (


Arch Linux (64-bit):

You can also use your computer (laptop/desktop) as a server. We provide a guide for you server – 64-bit system.


Server Updates:

Once it’s installed, we update the server every month. So we can do it “together” to keep your server always up to date and functional.

(The commands required for the update will be published in the news.)


Info about: GithHub, GitLab and other ARM devices:

The Raspberry – image is not on GitHub/GitLab yet. We’re working on it. If you don’t want to use the image you can start from scratch. We provide a file – “(Scratch Docu).md” as well. You can use the file for other ARM devices like the Banana Pi too.